November 1991

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Nikki Jean Stark, who graduated from Butte High School May 30, 1991; Lynn Hanks graduated from the Electrical Apprenticeship program, October 18th; Shawn Lumsden and Renee Pinkos, Dan Course and Cheri Pinson, Melanie Ayers Fenison and Mark Smith, Jason Ayers and Sharma Hutchins who were all married this summer.

Welcome to the family, Renee, Cheri, Mark and Sharma!!!

We are compiling a cookbook which we hope to have published and ready to hand out at the next family reunion. We would like to have your recipes to include. (We do have one chicken recipe from Sharma,)

We also need recipes from; Melanie Smith, Tina Crawford, Benita Krall, Janice Maybee Gomez, Kimberley Maybee, John & Kathy May Bee, Wendy, John and Jeff Maybee, Judy Bell, Shelly Norby, Teresa Ortiz and Debbie Larson (and any of the children who like to cook) and still don't have the complete recipe for Loretta's toasted tuna buns and Valerie and Stef's chicken recipes. Please send the recipes to: Mrs. Markay Schreck, 13262 Holly Road, Bremerton, Washington 98312.


Many families have to put in for vacation time the first of the year and we need to set a date for the reunion. We would appreciate it if you would please detach and return the form at the end of the May Star.

We could probably rent the community center for a dinner, genealogical or other program and/or dance one night. Among other activities suggested are: golf tournament, bringing small musical instruments and having a music session. (We and the Perrys both have Casio keyboards someone could use), talent show, teen dance, games for all ages, including pennies in the hay for the youngest ones. How about volunteers for some of the areas such as games, genealogy, music, whatever. I think it would be nice if we had a lot of the family at our next Sacrament meeting. (One family did that and even sang a musical number.) Please let us know your wishes. The two groups that usually are neglected are in-laws and teens. Let's have something for everyone.

It has been an eventful year for weddings. Listed below in order of event:


Mark Smith and Melanie Ayers Fenison were married June 1, 1991 at their church in Bremerton, Washington. Melanie wore a floor length white wedding gown. Mark wore a grey tuxedo with pink cummerbund. Her bouquet was fashioned of fresh rhododendrons. The chapel was decorated with baskets of ferns and rhododendrons and an unusual arrangement of bronze Oregon grape with pink berries. Her heart shaped wedding cake, made by Markay, was white with lavender flowers. Her best friend made 2 heart shape cakes, one pink and one blue.which carried out her color scheme of lavender, pink and blue. The church is a beautiful old building with carved wooden pews and stained glass windows.

They honeymooned at a local motel.


Jason Ayers and Sharma Hutchins were married August 4, 1991 in the Storehouse Church in Poulsbo, Washington. Sharma wore a full length lace gown with a tiara headpiece and veil which were loaned to her by a friend of the family, Leonora Watson. She carried a bouquet of white and pink carnations.

Jason wore a white tuxedo with purple cummerbund. Tina Crawford, the matron of honor, wore a cocktail length white lace dress and Sarah Aulozzi, who was flower girl was dressed in pink.

Jason's best man was Doug, a friend of both the bride and groom. Sharma's brother, Toby, was Junior best man.

Their reception was held at Natacha's, a popular teen night spot, where baskets of roses, pansies, bachelor buttons and strawflowers carried out the couple's color scheme of pink and purple. A large rainbow painted by the bride, a graphics artist, was used on the stage.

Their wedding cake was made by Jason's Aunt Markay, and the food provided by Sharma's Grandma Hutchins and prepared by her mother, Carol Leon, a friend, Linda Severn and Jason's grandmother.

Jason's sisters, Melanie, Anita and Tina and their husbands helped do much of the decoration, clean up and food preparation.

Jason and Sharma went on honeymoon to Utah and attended the Carter family reunion.

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